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PICA is designed to be an ecosystem that enables your success as a self-employed professional. This means that in addition to finding educational content and community, you can also find the services you need from trusted sources. We’ve done the research and actually used these services, so you don’t have to waste time figuring it out. It’s our intention to provide you with pre-vetted partners and service offerings so you can focus on what you do best: helping clients solve problems.

In some cases, we’re able to pass on savings to you (like with WebsiteByTonight); in other cases, government regulations make that difficult or impossible (like with business insurance). Either way, you can trust that you’ll get good service and sound advice from all the PICA partners. Please be sure to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions by sending us a quick email. If you’re interested in becoming a vetted PICA partner, use this email address instead.

All PICA partners share our belief that independent professionals deserve to be treated fairly regardless of our size, and that a well-equipped, self-employed workforce is the corporate America of the future.

Established PICA Partners

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Website Creation

Available to all consultants

If you're in business, you need to have a website. If you don't yet have one, or need to improve the one you have, WebsiteByTonight can help!
By partnering with you via screenshare, you'll have your website in a matter of hours, assuming you've done your prep work first. ;-) Free consultations to all, and PICA members get $50 off the "build it together" package. (Use PICADISCOUNT at checkout and they'll verify your membership then.)
The thought of building a website can be overwhelming but you need to have one, especially if you want to qualify as a vendor and be paid on a 1099-tax basis. After creating websites for professionals for years, WebsiteByTonight has developed a process to make it relatively painless, and at a super reasonable fixed price too!



Legal Help

Available to all consultants

  UpCounsel is an online marketplace for legal services that makes hiring an attorney easy, transparent, and quick - all for 1/3rd the price of a traditional law firm. This means you can get your client's contract reviewed by an attorney fairly quickly at a reasonable price! Their website also has dozens of useful articles and templates. (Click here to search.) Most lawyers and law firms are exorbitantly expensive and slow, if they'll even talk to a solopreneur at all. UpCounsel was created to solve that problem. They've created a way to make legal advice affordable and accessible. Plus, they use independent lawyers, so of course we love that idea!

Grow Your Business By Speaking 

Available to all consultants


If you recognize the value of speaking as a marketing strategy, this individually customized coaching/training program is just what you need to help you grow your consulting business. For a limited time, PICA members get $100 off the $895 retail price of the 4-hour program session and $50 off the $495 retail price of the 2-hour program session. This offer is only good until 12/31/2021 so don't miss out!

Two critical success factors for any independent consultant are credibility and awareness. You need to be seen as an expert in your field to have a client pay big bucks for your services, and prospective clients needs to know about you. Speaking at conferences and other events is a terrific way to achieve both. Markman Speaker Management has been in the business for decades. Learn from the best!

Business Insurance Coverage and Advice

Available to all consultants

Two questions we often hear are: My clients don't require business insurance, but should I have it anyway?, and How do I know I'm insured at the right level at the best price? With CoverWallet, you can:
- Get quotes online or talk with a representative familiar with the needs of independent consultants
- Get an insurance check-up using their online tool
(Get a quote or insurance check-up here.)

We’re pleased to be partnering with CoverWallet because they share our value of education leading to better business decisions. They also have a well-engineered technology solution, backed up with real, live Americans to answer your questions.

Lead Generation and Proposal Tracking

Available to all consultants

As a self-employed consultant you need a system for getting new clients, but most CRM tools are for internet marketing or large sales teams. Mimiran is the CRM for people who hate selling, helping you turn web visitors into leads, leads into conversations, and conversations into clients. PICA members get a 15% discount off any package. (Use PICAFRIEND at checkout and they'll verify your membership then.)

Business development is much more productive with software to capture leads, track touchpoints, and manage proposals. Designed by an independent consultant, the Mimiran CRM system is affordable and easy to use - just right for self-employed professionals.

Online course: Winning Proposals

Available to all consultants

You need a compelling proposal to win business but most sales trainings gloss over the proposal. Learn how to do it right so you not only win more business, you also have less stress, less pricing pressure, and better projects. Improve your win rate after this course or use the money back guarantee.
PICA members get $100 off. (Use PICAFriend100 at checkout and they'll verify your membership then).

A proposal isn't just a pricing document. Done right, it will help you manage expectations, create rapport, and get the project started on the right foot. This course is packed with actionable and relevant info, especially since it was created by an independent consultant who has walked in your shoes.

Business Development/ Project Opportunities

Available to all consultants

  In consulting, business development takes time - sometimes years - to build client relationships. Supplement your pipeline with Catalant's platform, where you can propose your services on projects directly to Fortune 1000 companies.  We're excited to be partnering with Catalant because they share our conviction that a sound contracting process that enables a 1099 payment situation is better for both the client and the consultant. (That said, a few large Catalant clients still require a W-2 payment situation; we're working together to change that!)

PICA Partners of the Future

As PICA grows, so will our ecosystem of partners and services. We also want to help you with discounts and recommendations in the following areas:

Please be patient with us as we build this out. If you have suggestions (or contacts) – or are interested in becoming a vetted PICA partner please send us a note.

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* Excludes subscription renewals, third-party products and fees and attorney-assisted products. Discount code will be sent after PICA verifies membership.