Why Joining PICA Is a Smart Move

As a consultant, your clients come first. To them, you’re the subject-matter expert, but as a self-employed professional, you’re also a business owner. Are you an expert in business ownership? Probably not. Most of us aren’t trained in marketing ourselves, pricing our services, or dealing with business development, insurance, compliance, contracting, and taxes.


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a trusted place to go for resources, education, answers, and support?


Wouldn’t it be nice to talk shop with people in your same situation?

That’s where PICA comes in.

How PICA Can Help

PICA promotes the business of professional independent consulting through our ecosystem of education, partner services, community and advocacy. We’re all about helping you be more efficient and profitable, so you can spend more time helping your clients.

Why join?

Make better use of your time. Stop spending hours looking for answers.

Make more money and keep more of what you earn. Up your game and be your best!

Find your people. Being self-employed is great, but it can be a bit lonely. After a while, you’re likely to miss having colleagues. It can also be hard to find fellow, like-minded consultants to share your experiences with and learn from.

  • Find peers, subcontractors, and potential business partners through PICA’s member directory, searchable by city, state, industry, areas of expertise, and prior consulting firm experience. (By the way, being listed in the member directory is optional; you can participate in “stealth mode” if you wish.)

  • Connect with fellow PICA members at our small, in-person roundtable conversations. (Currently available quarterly in the top 10 U.S. metro areas, although as PICA grows more will be added. See this page for details.)

Be a part of something bigger. Research indicates that people who have meaning and purpose in their lives are happier, feel more in control, and get more out of what they do. They also experience less stress, anxiety, and depression. What’s not to like? Together we can:

Work Smarter, Build Your Business, and Get Connected

We know that as a professional consultant, you always put your clients first. We also know that it's all too easy to spend your time working in your business and not enough time on your business.

Be your best!