Being self-employed has many advantages, but it can be a bit isolating too. Many people miss the camaraderie of being part of a team, or having colleagues around for advice and thought partnership.

Founded and run by independents, PICA understands your desire for community. Join us, and become part of our community!

In-Person Roundtables...

One way that PICA fosters community is by hosting in-person roundtables in major metro areas. These are not your typical stand-around-and-chit-chat events, but rather focused conversations to stimulate thinking, solve challenges, and build relationships. Roundtables are available to PICA members, and are limited to the first 15 registrants. Sometimes we open them up to non-members for a fee; sign-up for our newsletter to get notified of events near you. (Sign up in the page footer, or better yet, become a member! ;-)

...Virtual Roundtables and Q&A Sessions...

These events are similar to our in-person roundtables but they’re hosted online via webcam. (You can still wear your slippers!) Discussions are facilitated by experts on topics that matter most to independent consultants, like billing rates, business development, and how to expand your business.

These sessions are limited to the first ten PICA members who register.

...PICA Member Directory...

Are you looking for let someone locally with specific functional expertise? What about anyone nationwide with specific industry and consulting form experience? The PICA Member Directory will help you find others – and be found. PICA members at all levels can search the directory, and can be listed if they so choose.

...and more!

As PICA grows, we’d love to expand and host in-person speaker events and charity/work outings too (e.g., beach clean-up, helping at food banks, etc.) Let us know if you’d like to help coordinate any type of event in your area. Our calendar shows what is scheduled for the next several months.


"Through PICA I have connected with other smart, ambitious, self-employed consultants. I’ve found my people!" - Deborah G.


Join the PICA community to exchange ideas and insights with other professionals – what’s working, and what do others recommend? Expand your network and find new partners and subcontractors. Find “your people.”