Webinar: How to Build a Reliable Pipeline of Leads


Date: 4/3/2020 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Note: All listed times are in the Pacific time zone. Please adjust accordingly.

Event Overview

About the session:

While word-of-mouth and referrals are the best way to get new clients, sometimes that’s not enough. And what happens when someone is referred to you but they’re not quite ready to hire you?

In this session, learn how to

  • Do sales and marketing without feeling “icky”
  • Get more leads (and business) from your website
  • Put together a system so you can do business development in your “spare time”
  • Have more calls and conversations, and learn to actually look forward to calling prospective clients
  • Create and close higher-priced proposals without stress.

If you want to grow your business without a crazy investment of time, money, or energy, this webinar is for you.

Format: Slides will be shared but participation is encouraged, either verbally or by typing in questions online.

Duration: 75 minutes (60 minutes + 15 for additional Q&A)

About the host: 

Reuben Swartz

Reuben Swartz is the founder of Mimiran, the CRM for people who hate selling, and the host and “Chief Nerd” on the Sales for Nerds podcast. Reuben spent over a decade doing sales and marketing consulting for the Fortune 500, which was ironic because he struggled with sales and marketing for his own firm, relying for years on word-of-mouth. Now his mission is to spare people from the struggles he faced trying to balance client work and business development.