Getting Started Bootcamp Independent Study "Indigo Class"

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Date: 9/10/2021 -
Note: All listed times are in the Pacific time zone. Please adjust accordingly.

Event Overview

About the bootcamp:

When you’re just starting out as an independent consultant, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s so much to learn, and even more to do! This eight-week getting started bootcamp will help you…

  • Set up your business (including naming it, if you haven’t already)

  • Refine your branding and service offerings

  • Figure out your pricing

  • Create an online presence for your business

  • Do your initial outreach and business development

  • And tackle whatever else you may need help with!


Each session will focus on a particular topic, with assignments in between sessions. Assignments may include taking a PICA workshop if you haven’t already, and/or creating a first draft of something for the subsequent session. 


When you register for the bootcamp, you will get the full course syllabus, along with supplementary worksheets, checklists, and other resources. 


Week of September 10th

Become familiar with your objectives for next 8 weeks.  

Featured Topic: Laying Your Foundation (infrastructure).

Assignments and prep for next session:

Related Materials:


Week of September 24th

Check in on your progress on laying your foundation. 

Focus Area: Refining your branding, go-to-market messaging, and service offerings. 

Assignments and prep for next session:

Related Materials:


Week of October 8th 

Branding and pricing; review LinkedIn profile updates.

Focus Area: Create visibility! Creating a LinkedIn business page and/or website.

Assignments and prep for next session:

  • Take How to Build Your Website (TBD, week of October 11th) or use PICA's reference guide (download)
  • Finish your LinkedIn profile
  • Create an outline for your website
  • Create a LinkedIn business page
  • Bonus points if you get a first draft of your website done, too!

Related Materials:


Week of October 22nd

Marketing efforts and website outlines (or actual websites)

Focus Area: Preparing for Launch 

Assignments and prep for next session: 

Related Materials:


Week of November 5th

Develop goals for next quarter

Assignment: Officially launch your business!


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