About Our Asynchronous Learning Lab


Welcome to PICA's Asynchronous Learning Lab. In case we haven't met yet, I'm Liz Steblay, one of the three solopreneurs who created PICA. I fell into independent consulting in 2004 and never looked back - I made more money, worked fewer hours, had more quality time with my kid, and lowered my effective tax rate. I thought, "Everybody should be self-employed!" but of course it's not that simple.

About five years into my solo consulting career, I founded my first business, ProKo Consulting, a talent agency that represents professional self-employed consultants who specialize in HR and organizational effectiveness. As a result of growing ProKo into a multimillion dollar business, I got the reputation as the person to call if you have questions about independent consulting or being self-employed. I found myself getting A LOT of coffee invites. One week I met with two different people who asked me the same questions, and I realized that people need help with this, and there’s got to be a better way to help more people (and drink less coffee). So, I reached out to two fellow independent consultants and said, “Hey, I've got an idea for an educational organization and community where people can get their questions answered.” Thankfully my friends agreed to create PICA, the Professional Independent Consultants of America.

I'm here to help however I can. I hope that having classes you can complete at your own pace and on your own schedule will make your solopreneur journey even easier to achieve!


Available Classes

Gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to build a website so you can focus on what really matters: closing deals and serving your clients.

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